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Curious, how do you know when enough is enough?

For a BLW baby? Dd is 11 months, started blw at 6 months. She really got hang of it around 8 months. Eats large variety and trys new foods a few times a week depending on what we are eating ourselves. She loves to eat and I always wonder if I am letting her have enough. Several foods I only give her a few pieces at a time (small bite size pieces) because if she likes them she stuffs them into mouth one after another... fruits for instance. Do you just let them go till they stop/lose interest? As I don't think she would as long as there is something she likes available! I am not overly worried but sometimes wonder if I should let her have more. She has only once puked after eating when I gave her a bit too much fruit at once/too fast and she stuffed it all in. She seems happy regardless
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