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Re: Need some reminders

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
As to fussy at the breast-- DD does this on occasion. Usually when my let down is too fast. Sometimes I will switch breasts to the left side which has a slower let down. If I need her to eat from the right side and she is fussing then I will express some off first and then feed her. If is hasn't bee all that long since she ate (an hour or less) and she acts like that at the breast then she really just wants to suck but is mad because she is getting milk and then I give her a pacifier and she is happy.
This is my kids exactly, except 1 wouldn't take a paci! She would suck on a finger though. I make so much milk I never really get empty, so comfort nursing at the breast isn't an option until they are MUCH older (over 1year)
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