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Originally Posted by jen_batten

How old are your kiddos and what program(s) are you using? I know a lot of us try to combine where we can to help save time and sanity. Math and LA are the hardest to combine....but with the other subjects you can sometimes combine and pretty wide age range. And as they get older they can do more things independently so that helps time wise too. Don't be hard on yourself though--it was just your first day. It takes a while for you and the kids to get into a routine and find what works for you.

My kiddos are 6.5, *almost* 5 and 3. I only do school with the older two, and we use My Father's World 1st grade. That program only takes around 2 hours a day to comlete and sometimes less. We live in MO though, and we have to log 1000 hours per year, so we usually log about 4-5 hours a day, although not a lot of that is sit-down work with kids this young.
My kids are 11, 7, and 4. I have combined a little bit with the younger two but the older one is pretty much too far ahead. This is kinda how our day went yesterday.
journal writing - all kids
calendar and math lesson - younger two / minute math - older child
computer math - younger two / math lesson - older child
reading lesson - middle child / reading computer work - older child
preschool - younger child / ind. reading work - middle child / computer work - older child
play time - two younger / reading lesson - older one

This again was our first day so we will see how it goes today. Any advice or something that might work better?
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