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Re: HSing Check-In Nov. 25--Dec. 7

Psychomom--Totally fine that you're not up for sharing. I am hoping that things improve for you and your kiddos very soon.

Danielle--I don't know about inclusive computer programs...We've only done some starfall here and there. You may have better luck though if you open a new thread in the homeschooling section because not everyone checks this thread. I'm sure someone could help you.

Newbies--Welcome to all of you! I'm glad to see some new out there.

Thirdtimemama--this is our second year homeschooling. DS (Keegan) is 6.5 and a struggling reader. He's great at math though. DD (Rachel) will be 5 in Dec. She is very bright and doing the same work (MFW 1st grade) as her brother. Much to his dismay she can outread him by leaps and bounds. DD2 (Kennah) just turned 3. We don't HS her yet, but she pops up in the thread now and then because she can make life tricky. There's been probably 4 of these threads before this one (although only the last two have dates), and you can find a lot of that type of info there. Although I'd love to hear more about our newbies, so please share!

luvof3boys--I think it depends on the kid as far as the effectiveness of copywork. I too love to read and I am an *awful* speller. We do a bit of copywork, but not much. Can I ask what brings you to home educating? You don't have to answer if you don't want, your last post just made me curious.

AFU--we have already put in a quick morning of all the basics. We will have gymnastics a bit later and then church this evening so that will suck up a lot of our day.
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