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Re: if you delay selective vax, I have a few ?s

Originally Posted by carleyc View Post
1)If your child is not vax'd or "behind" of their vax's how do you get around that? I mean obviously you can just say, "we aren't doing it" but does that mean your child can't go to daycare and/or school? We live in NC, and the law here states that there is no exemtion for personal beliefs or philosophies, only medical and documented religious exemptions. I need my son to start going to hourly day care on base, but not bad enough to give him the shots.
We aren't in DC, so I haven't had this problem. We're still undecided if our kids will be up to date by kindergarten though.

Originally Posted by carleyc View Post
2) How recptive was your dr to your vax schedule or lack thereof? I love our ped, but my husband is military and our dr is at a military facility. I'm a little afraid of the reaction I'm going to get.
Our ped is fine with delaying!! He had to write something about "parental fears" in our file so they'd know why my kids are behind. I told him we must be freaks or something and he said, "No, at least you let me give them vaccines." Little does he know the more research I do the less likely I am to ever give them another shot. Still debating about whether or not to go to DDs 9 month check up. But I love our ped. I doubt he'd be upset if I told him we weren't vaxxing at all anymore.

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