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Dairy Elimination

I have internet diagnosed my baby as having a milk protien intolerance! Kidding--but really, he's got a constellation of symptoms that are nagging and slightly bothersome that does seem to suggest that my eliminating dairy may help.

So, because I'll do anything for him, I'm going to cut out dairy and see if that helps. He is always congested and for a while I thought it was a cold but it's been going on for weeks. He has eczema. He is frequently constipated and uncomfortable and once he does poop it's putrid. I rarely get that seedy mustard poop anymore. He sleeps ok at night but is really restless and kicks his legs/bangs them on the mattress and he is a terrible napper. He also gets a red, flushed looking face after I feed him and lately it's been spreading to his tummy.

Anyone else get rid of dairy? Why? Did it help?
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