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Re: Our Family cloth (tolietpaper) set up w/pics

Originally Posted by magoose View Post
I like how this thread keeps getting bumped up There's a show on this Canadian channel called "Marketplace" that investigates certain products and yesterday the show was on recycled TP and how it's really not any "greener" or environmentally friendly than regular TP. They also said how one person goes through, on average, 100 rolls of TP a year. One person!! That's a lot! Totally reaffirmed my decision to use family cloth
Yes I know I am quoting from 10 months ago.

I noticed what she was saying about quantity of TP used each year. We as a family of 4 would go through 1 double roll of TP a day. So 365 double rolls or 730 single rolls a year. Since switching to family cloth 6-8 months ago we have bought 1 package of 4 single rolls. Since we wash them with our diapers it hasn't cost us more to wash them.

I also had already acquired them in my search for the perfect for us baby wipe so have a variety of wipes. Our sink is right next to our toilet so I like to wet the cloth regardless. I feel cleaner. I have ours set up really simple. I have them stacked neatly on the back of the toilet and hang a wetbag on the door handle. On wash day I just turn the bag inside out into the washer. I rarely even see the wipes until they are once again clean and ready to be stacked.

My husband wasn't on board at first but caved when I reminded him how clean he felt when we splurged on the disposable wet wipes for the bathroom. Now he uses a combo. Whichever he is in the mood for. I do think it helps that our wash routine removes any stains. Even the messy ones from that time of the month come out of the wash stain free. If they were stained I think he might not be quite so accepting of them.
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