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Bulk Natural Foods in Tennessee and surrounding states

Bulk Natural Foods dot com (I do not have the ability to post URLs yet ) is a great resource for Middle Tennessee and surrounding regions.

As a single woman, I cannot often buy some of the items I would like in bulk and store them long enough or use them fast enough. But two years in a row now I have enjoyed a bushel of organic apples. If you get a hardy variety and store them properly, they can last until summer!!! I plan to also get some organic quinoa from them, as it is the best price I have ever seen.

If there were some Clarksville families that wanted to divide up some other fruit orders with me (say keeping 3/4 for themselves), I might be interested in doing so. At the moment, my driveway is the pick-up spot for Clarksville orders (for which I receive NO reimbursement!), so if I get to trust you I can provide the added flexibility of taking your/our order in for you and allowing you to pick it up later (usually there is a half hour window in which orders need to be picked up).
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