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Unhappy Re: What no one tells you about a miscarriage - graphic

I just experienced my first miscarriage. Before I tell my story just let me say, the way I was explained it would feel was like a heavy period. It was FAR FAR from a heavy period. Why do they not explain that possibly you will feel like you are going through painful labor? That is what you are doing. I had worse contractions than my first delivery, which was an induced labor. It was excrusiating. Not only was it incredibly painful, it was scary. After going through about 3 hours of contractions that kept getting closer and closer together, I woke up to my 15 month old throwing up. When I got up to help my husband take care of him, I gushed out. The contractions stopped for a while as I kept passing huge clots, bigger than my fist. I had to sit on the toilet and just keep gushing out. I literally couldnt try and catch anything. I felt like I was flushing my baby down the toilet. Just awful. After a while I started to feel very faint. I couldnt even crawl across the floor without feeling like I was going to pass out. My blood pressure had dropped so low I was having trouble breathing and was white as a ghost. I had already been to the ER earlier that morning, just for them to send me home and tell me to wait it out to see if baby passed by itself, they didn't even give me the option to have a dnc even though I asked. So back to the ER we went. When I got there I was so weak I couldn't even state my name, they rushed me back and immediately started fluids and did 2 blood transfusions. I started heavy contracting again, an ultrasound had shown that I had already passed baby but there was still "product" still in there. Had to wait until morning for dr to get there to do a dnc. Meanwhile the nurse taking care of me on several occations ignored me to chat it up with my husband (who is a doctor she found out, so obviously she felt she had so much in common with him) she seemed pretty flirtatious and completely insensative to what I was going through. Not only that, but she was the worst IV giver I have ever seen and had to keep reinserting the needles, which had to be on both sides since my blood pressure was dropping so fast, they had to do blood transfusion on both sides. WORST night of my life. I pray to never see days like this again. I just don't think my heart could take it. All this being said, I am not telling my story to scare anybody, only to identify with others who have gone through this as it was so traumatic. I do believe time will make it easier. I was just released from the hospital yesterday morning so everything is still fresh and I am just wanting comfort. Many women have experienced this and make it through. It's comforting to know that so many understand this pain I and my family are going through.
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