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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by carlycurry View Post
Oh my gosh!! So excited! I found bean's heartbeat just now!!
Yay!! I never had the thought of using a doppler until this pregnancy and it's brought me sanity.

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post has been a good day! My b@@bs have hurt ALL day long & still going. Never dreamed I would covet the days I want to cut off my breasts.
Glad you're feeling some symptoms. Those first few weeks are the most difficult to get through.

AFM: had an OB appt yesterday. The nurse called me back and started to take my vitals, then I heard "Dr. Aqua's got a delivery." And new I wouldn't be seeing him then. Boo! The nurse offered for me to see a different doc and I said yes because I didn't want to have to drive to the doc again. This OB was nice. He did the doppler and found the baby's HB for like 2 seconds but didn't really search more. If I hadn't been using my doppler at home I'd have been quite disappointed in that. I got bloodwork orders to do the 2hr. glucose test now rather than waiting until 28 weeks because I had GD with my son. So I'll go do that. Hopefully the results are negative.
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