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I see this too. Some people will not ship with out DC and that's totally fair, but I can't afford those shipping prices so I'll just move on. Some are willing to split shipping, which I am more willing to do. If they don't get the DC and the package is lost I'm not going to make a huge deal of it. Most of the girls are honest (I may be naive here) but unless something really rubbed me the wrong way with our transaction, I believe they did send it and it got lost. Thankfully it hasn't happened yet.
Oh! And another reason I think they charge more when it's obvious that they didn't pay that (ie. The package actually says the shipping amount) it's because they have to actually go to the post office and fill out the customs forms, so they are charging you for that.
The one thing that does get me a little miffed is people who don't look up international shipping, this site is not just for people in the US. So if you are selling things here be, prepared for people in different countries to ask for a shipping quote. If you do not wish to ship but of country state that in your ad. Same thing happens on spots.
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