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Well, it's official... insurance is denying coverage for my son's therapy. I am crushed.

The public schools can't/won't help because his need doesn't affect his education. We don't qualify for Medicaid, either. I am still desperately trying to convince DSCC (Dept of Specialized Care for Children) to reconsider our request for coverage for DS, but they don't cover feeding/GI problems and they are having a hard time connecting the dots between his eating and his heart problems (which is the only way they will provide help). Even if we jump through all the hoops, it will take WEEKS for approval and my son should be getting therapy twice a week. He has already been on a backslide with his eating - he hasn't eaten anything since noon yesterday - so I can't imagine the damage that being without help for so long is going to do. I am so sick. I don't know what to do...
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