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Re: Low/No Purine Recipes (ie Gout Diet) I need Vegan help!

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I think I'm just going to have to lots of experimenting. It is just hard because the kids need protein. I don't want to have to make 2 meals. I don't live near any Whole Foods or Trader Joes type stores. (I basically have to shop at Walmart or a very small store that is over priced and has nasty produce!) I'm going to go drive to the nearest real "city" and go shopping this weekend to buy somethings I can't get locally.

Oh, that is limiting.... I do pretty well with Kroger and get quinoa online on amazon (although I've since discovered a food co-op that has it cheaper). I also get some things like tahini from the places where I do my nutritional supplement orders. But Walmart makes things more difficult. Best wishes with finding good solutions fast!
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