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Re: How soon do symptoms 'appear'?

Originally Posted by sweetgrace View Post
It's going to be different with every women and possibly every pregnancy. With my first I knew right away, before AF and a positive test. I had heartburn, my stools changed and my stomach looked like a road map with all of the veins showing and my boobs reallllllllllllly hurt. They hurt in the shower! With my second I was actually surprised I was pregnant. I didn't have all of the major changes as I did with my first. Maybe sore breasts but that was about it. No dreams here

My first two were so similar (despite being different genders) that i'm looking for those same symptoms. Maybe this time is different?

My boobs (in particular the one that usually produces the most milk is so sore/achy and WAY TMI it has "leaked" a few random times ) DD weaned after she was 3, but that was close to 1 year ago, so it is weird for that to be happening now
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