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Re: VBA2C in TN?

That's amazing! I've been in Nashville for 8ish years. I just had my first baby in June and had a CS :-( I had wanted a natural birth and it was totally discouraging. I'm hoping for a VBAC with then next baby. If you want a home birth, I hear AWESOME things about Susie Meeks, a friend of mine had two home births with her. If you are open to a hospital birth, the Vanderbilt Midwives rock. I'm actually a physician and chose them as my care providers for my first pregnancy and will use them again for my next birth. I'd love to have a home birth, but I'm a worrier and would feel more confident in a hospital since I would be a first time VBAC. Another option is The Farm. I don't think Ina May is always there, but the midwives she trained are :-) It's only about 60 miles south of Nashville.
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