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Re: favorite soup in a jar recipes?

Google the pamper chef minestrone recipe. I love, love, love that one! I bought two jars of it from my church and hunted down the recipe. Everything goes in the jar and all you need outside of that is a can of stewed tomatoes. Super easy to make and it is very filling. I do add a couple of fresh carrots chopped but that is optional. We eat this at least once a month. I make up a few ahead of time in ziploc baggies so it's super easy to prepare on dinner day.

This makes alot of soup. Sometimes I freeze half of it for later and sometimes we will eat it for two days. It freezes up and thaws up real nice. So your bils can freeze up the extras in ziploc bags, enough for 1 serving. Then they can just thaw in the freezer overnight and pop in the microwave.

ETA here is the recipe link

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