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Re: Another relactating question

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b View Post
I'll tell you my experience. DS1 would never latch after getting a bottle, but he was neverbreastfed at all before getting a bottle. I also don't think I tried hard enough.

DS2 was breastfed immediately after birth and the first day. He was then in the NICU for 3 weeks and only breastfed (and not that well) once a day on average. He had lots of troubles with bottles too though. I tried EBF him once he came home but it just didn't go well and mommy instinct kicked in and I continued to pump for him. I still attempted to nurse a few times a day (with a shield, he started itin the NICU). We finally found a bottle that worked really well, the breastflow. Also Tommee Tippee and Dr. Brown Preemie in a pinch.

Aout 2 weeks after starting the Breastflow bottles I attempted to nurse (with the shield) like usual. Not expecting much. But he latched right on and stayed on instead of pulling off constantly. And then the next time I tried, he did great again. He did so great that I decided to put the bottle down temp. and just nurse for a day. And he did! I saw an LC and found out he has a recessive chin which causes him not to get a tight shield without the shield. Its gotten better and he won't completely freak out at my bare breast but still won't latch on completely.

He's been EBF for 2 weeks now and it 12 weeks old. It's totally possible but not easy. If you really want this, you CAN do it!
I'm just not sure if she'd ever latch. Shes so picky with her bottle nipples, and she was never ebf. Her first two months she was fed TPN via PICC line, and was tube fed part of her nutrition(breastmilk that I pumped). Then, when she was allowed to try to start eating, I tried putting her to breast for a few days. She didn't take to it, and the nurses said she may take to a bottle better. (At that point, the only thing we were waiting on to take her home was for her to eat on her own. And I just wanted her home with me, and figured if the bottle did it, that was ok with me!) So for about 2 weeks she took breastmilk bottles. Then she came home, and we continued doing breastmilk bottles for about 2 weeks, and she would also breastfeed. I never had enough for her to do a full feeding on the breast, but luckily I had milk stored from when she was NPO in the NICU. Once that was gone, we switched to formula. I continued to pump what I could up until about 2 months ago, but wasn't doing it regularly enough. So now I have almost nothing.

So, while she had a few months of breastmilk, she never really breastfed. I just don't know if she'd take to it after this long. I tried to put her to breast earlier today, and she acting like I was torturing her. I don't know if I should if its just going to stress her out... Plus, even at the height of my production when I was pumping 8 times a day, I only got about 2 ounces at most pump sessions. But now she eats 5 oz a bottle. I just wish things would have gone right from the beginning. I always wanted to breastfeed, and it hasn't happened. And doctors say I shouldn't have more children, so its not like I can do differently next time either.....Blah

I hope this was coherent.
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