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Re: How long before breastfeeding becomes "weird" to you?

Originally Posted by Anna0623 View Post
I plan on nursing our third lo to at least a year to 18 months. I think it would be weird to me to nurse for more than that, althought I never nursed dd or ds since I had to return back to work 5 weeks after having them.
I nursed for about 6 weeks with my first, 3 months with my second, and 4ish months with my third. I was not really educated on nursing, so my milk supply went away quickly. I was supplementing with formula when they were just a few weeks old. This time, I have a TON more knowledge and resources, and I really feel positive about nursing for a year.

Originally Posted by ajbailey89 View Post
I'll let you know if I get to that age
Ha. How long have you nursed?
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