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Re: How long before breastfeeding becomes "weird" to you?

I've nursed all mine past a year and didn't have any problems. There were probably a handful of people who gave me looks but I have found that if you nurse in public or say, at friends' house or something, just do it with confidence like you KNOW you are doing what is best for you and your baby. People usually pick up on that and usually won't say anything. If they do, you can always say your doctor/midwife, advised you to nurse for __ years (2 is what most are saying now).
Nursing only got weird for me when my son who was 22 months, wouldn't quit fidgeting with my mouth, my face, my teeth, the other boob, lol. Other than that, smooth sailing.
I nursed 2 past 2 years and 3 others between 17 and 22 months (weaned due to pregnancies interfering with milk supply).
Do what feels right for you!
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