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Re: How long before breastfeeding becomes "weird" to you?

Well, my daughter just recently weaned at 33 months old.
If you had asked me years ago I don't think I would EVER have thought I would be breastfeeding an almost 3 year old. I was educated about breastfeeding because of my job and knew I would do it. When I was pregnant with my daughter I decided that I would be willing to try to nurse for 2 years as recommended by the World Health Organization after reading so much about the nutritional and immune benefits of nursing a toddler.

Then I had my baby, and breastfeeding just felt right. After working out the early kinks with latching and oversupply issues I couldn't imagine how people parented withOUT breastfeeding Maybe I'm just lazy, but it just seemed so much easier to me. My baby grew into an older baby, and then she turned one and still seemed like my baby...and even as a toddler she was still my little baby and it didn't feel weird. And I guess time just goes by and while I couldn't imagine nursing someone else's toddler - my toddler was still my baby. And nursing was so important to us. She has been SO healthy and happy. I had an amazing way to reset a grumpy day or get an overtired and wound up toddler to relax. Now I cannot imagine parenting a toddler without breastfeeding.

DD weaned with a bit of encouragement as I'm pregnant and terribly sick and my breasts and nipples are SO sore. I absolutely plan to nurse my next baby as long as he or she desires and it is working for us. They are so little for such a short time, and I wouldn't trade all those nursing cuddles for the world. Even if that makes me the 'weird' mom.

Oh, and I will add, that I work outside the home so it was a really big commitment to pump for the 15 months that I did, but it helped me with my transition back to work and gave me something I could do for her during the day (I REALLY wanted to stay home but financially could not). The nursing when we were together was extra special to me after being apart all day.
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