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Re: How long before breastfeeding becomes "weird" to you?

I have nursed for 3 years with 2 of the kids and 2+ with another. DD1 was tandem nursing w/ DS1 when I got pregnant again and I felt like that would be a bit much for my body to handle. She is very bright and was understanding. I nursed DS1 until I had DD2 and our personal life was AWFUL and I lost 80lbs in 3mo. There was no way I could nurse the infant and DS. DD3 will be 2 next weekend and shows no signs of weaning even though I am pregnant and my milk dried up. I had no "weird" issues with them nursing at 3yo it was more that the logistics caused an issue. For us 2 years is a minimum. It is a very personal choice. You will follow your mama heart and do the right thing for your family.
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