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Originally Posted by Rossberrie
My baby is currently 4 months old and weighs 13 pounds.
My mother is usually taking care of her more than me due to my full time school senior year college.
She is currently drinking 4 ounces on demand.
I counted her bottles and she is drinking about 30 - 38 ounces of milk.
I feel that is WAY too much.
My mom gives her a bottle whenever she cries ... but is it possible that she is crying because of a stomach ache? too much milk in her stomach?
And she just needs to suck but shoving a bottle will force milk even more?
I don't know what to do =[
That's a massive amount of milk and sadly grandmothers love to feed to soothe. They usually aren't the ones bouncing a baby for two hours because that's what baby needs... The bottle force feeds- so yes, every suck creates a vacuum and more milk enters with each swallow.

And I usually say a baby will drink what's given due to the mechanics. Until they learn that an over stretched tummy isn't comfortable.

I would send her bottles. Inform her no more than a 3 ounce bottle every 2-2.5 hours. Have them pre-made. And send exactly what she should get. I've had a colicky baby and almost always, another method (with effort) can be found.

Grandmas to our kiddies come from a different time though. Where people were feeding kids solids at 4 weeks and forcing food for every cry.

Also- a cry is not a demand. It's ONE of the demands. But babies cry for a plethora of reasons. I would really upset if my baby was being fed the minute they cried, constantly, all day.
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