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Originally Posted by JasmineMama
That house is horrible. Is there anyway you can ask for a modification like he has to have a cleaner come over every other week and clean? I know not everyone likes to clean so maybe he should outsource? And that there has to be food in the fridge (you get to check) before you drop your DD off.
I plan on asking about the house having the be clean. There's no way he will pay someone to clean it. He's unemployed (and has been for over 2 years) so there's no excuse for the house to be that gross. He has a GF that lives with him, but she works...not that is an excuse not to clean or anything.

As for the food, he has plenty of it usually, he just doesn't give it to the kids. Or he'll have a gallon of milk that expired a month ago in his fridge. I pack a bag of snacks for my DD when she goes over, but that does nothing to help the other kids that live there you know?
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