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Re: NIP completely exposed???

Originally Posted by Leiiki View Post
To play devil's advocate:
If breasts are not sexual, why is exposing two any worse than exposing one? You can't have it both ways. Either breast feeding in public is normal or it's indecent.

Maybe she wore a shirt that was difficult to adjust, or maybe her kid (like mine) liked to switch back and forth every two minutes.
That is a valid point. IMO society in general has a very difficult time seperating the sexual purpose of a woman's breasts from the feeding part. It's one thing to see a baby in the act of nursing, where the entire bare breast does not get exposed too much. Everyone knows what baby is doing, and sometimes part of the breast is seen, but it is covered up in some way (whether it be by clothing, a nursing cover, or baby's head). Sitting in the middle of a restaurant with one (or both) of your breasts hanging out is not appropriate, at least IMO. That other breast is not being used to feed the child at that particular moment. If that truly is the only way your baby will eat then finding a more private spot is appropriate. When that one breast is not being used to feed the baby at that time (unless baby is literally going back and forth every minute which I find unlikely) how is that any different than indecent exposure?

Even when I'm at home I rarely lift my shirt to expose both breasts. One, I'm not a fan of my other boob being used as a toy, and two, I just don't see the need. The thought of doing that in a restaurant is just silly, and honestly kind of gross to me.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
I think breasts are often sexual. Breastfeeding is not. To me it's worse because one was being used to feed her baby, the other was....being aired out?? I don't think anything is ever black and white, personally.
I agree.

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