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I cut out dairy I think around two weeks pp because LO was vomiting, had rashes and was wheezy. Now I'm trying to cut out soy which I'm finding harder. Even If I eat any manufactured bread or cold cuts my baby girl pukes has gross poops and is generally unhappy. There's just too much chance of cross contamination so I stay clear now especially after thanksgiving. I made my own dairy free stuffing and the baby got really sick. That or maybe my turkey had whey it and I didn't know. Some of the turkeys I saw had whey in them but the one I bought had natural flavoring whatever that is. I've learned that there's milk in things there it doesn't belong and you can't eat anything without reading all ingredients first. Also just because its lactose free doesn't mean it's dairy free and products don't always list milk and soy in bold print under allergies. My family doesn't understand. My mother in law told me just to buy premade pie crusts for thanksgiving when I told here I couldn't have butter. What does she thinks in the pillsburry lol. I was actually thinking it would be nice if we had some sort of elimination diet thread that was permanent here in the breast feeding support forum but I didn't know how to go about doing it. Oh also my favorite dairy free recipe resource is and Wegmans has some good ideas to but you have to double check Wegmans because they're listed as lactose free.
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