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Re: HSing Check-In Nov. 25--Dec. 7

Originally Posted by thirdtimemomma View Post
Everyone needs a little support now and then..

Mamas I'd love to know more about you. Could everyone check in with ages/grades and curriculum? And how long you've hsd?
I have four children but only 1 is homeschooled at the moment. She is 15 years old and in 9th grade. We've homeschooled before, but she has spent most of her years in public school. The other 3 are in public school, all elementary age.

For math we use Teaching Textbooks Algebra I, Oak Meadow for English, Rosetta Stone Spanish, World Geography (from Wieser Educational), biology...I cannot think of the publisher at the moment, and some random things like Dynamic Literacy, critical thinking workbooks, etc. I'd like to add computer applications in the spring, maybe summer, and she's definitely taking driver's ed around the April/May time frame (she is scared to death!!)

She struggles with anxiety disorder. She started a script for Lexapro today. I mean, I'm glad, but I hate that she's gotten to the point that her anxiety is debilitating.

She actually went to our very large, public high school last year (we are repeating 9th grade this year) and she loved it. I was really surprised by that because of the anxiety. However, due to the classroom size and the fact that she is a quiet, great kid, she always just slid by and flew under the radar. That school was too big for anyone to give a crap about her since she wasn't in the top 5% or the bottom 5%. I actually went to a parent/teacher conference and one of her teachers admitted she had no idea who my child was and had to look at her roll sheet and said, "Oh, well there's her name!" She cannot talk to adults, other than family, at all.

Homeschool is not working out that well right now. She is actually doing very well academically (albeit she is slooooow) but she is so unhappy. She has 0 peer interaction. She's a homebody so while she does have a handful of good friends, even when she was in public school she rarely went out. Now, she never goes out. She used to be a competitive gymnast but she retired a year and a half ago, so she has all this time on her hands. She still takes a recreational tumbling class and 3 hours of dance classes...while she is friendly with the kids in those classes, they aren't friends. We are atheists so no church. Homeschooling is pretty popular in our area, but the groups and such are geared towards younger kids and definitely not feasible for me to even participate in when they meet at 2:00 in a town 30 minutes away and I have to pick up kids from school at 2:40. She volunteers at her siblings' school every Tuesday, so she is around kindergarteners for 7 hours on Tuesday and with her mother the rest of the time.

Our district has never allowed homeschooled kids to participate in public school activities, but a law was passed a few months ago and beginning with the 2013 school year, she can try out for the cross country team (which she was a part of last year and loved.) I hope she makes it. But that is 9 months away. I'm just worried about her. I have looked into alternatives for her...private school is not an option because all but 1 are Christian and the 1 that is not is out of the budget...there are 2 charter schools here. One is artsy/creative (which she is not) and the other is very heavily math & science based (which she is not) and even if she did fit in with either school, they boast low teacher:student ratios and all I can think is she would DIE if she were actually made to participate in class. Die. She is legally going to be an adult in 2.5 years and she is not a functioning human being.
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