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LOW milk supply.

I have a 7 week old daughter, and I'm EBF. I'm like 99% sure my supply is about to stop completely. I had this issue with my first daughter, and ended up supplementing with formula before giving up completely. This time, I didn't supplement until Sunday night. We fought with her for FIVE HOURS trying to feed her. She's been fighting me, keeps pushing off, won't stay latched on, screams and screams and screams after a feeding because she is clearly not eating enough. I nurse her every 30 minutes to an hour. I'm up every two hours at night (which is normal, sure.) But it's just very frequent. The way she acts during a feeding, and after a feeding, I'm very sure she's not getting enough. Also, even though I know it's not necessarily a sign of low supply, I'm never "full" anymore, I don't leak, and I can't hand express or get anything out with a pump, even after 30 minutes of pumping.

ALSO, she barely got back to birth weight by one month old. She was 7.11 at birth, and now, she might just be 8 lbs. I'm not sure if that's a good weight range for her, or if she's gaining too slowly.

I've been keeping myself hydrated, and taking at least six pills of Fenugreek a day. Even though I'm upping that. We had to go out and get formula Sunday night. Since then, she's only had three two ounce bottles. But I always offer both breasts each session, sometimes bouncing back and forth between them twice or more. Then I'll give her a bottle of formula (which has also induced a lot of spitting up...). I'm so determined to keep BFing. Any advice??
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