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My husband would not tolerate that at all. He's always trying to cover me up. I nurse in puplic all the time and I usually don't use a cover bc LO hates it. I think it's bc I don't cover at home so shed not used to it. I usually use a cover in front of my father and brother in law though bc it makes them uncomfortable and I don't like to have conversations with people where they stare at my feet instead of talking to me. Usually when I go out ill ware a tank top under my shirt so I'm pretty covered. I arrange the top shirt on my breast after the baby is latched and my arm covers the side and the baby covers the front. If she pops off I turn to the side to relative her do I don't give a free show. Although today at Wic I covered bc there was some creep staring at me. Our wic office shares a building with the health centers Eye doctor so theres non wic people in there To. Breast feeding isn't sexual but perverts make it out to be. Weirdos make me want to say this is a baby attached to my nipple not a titty tassel. That lady obviously has attention issues. I hope she wasn't too large chested or they might have been resting on the dinner table.
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