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Originally Posted by Leiiki
To play devil's advocate:
If breasts are not sexual, why is exposing two any worse than exposing one? You can't have it both ways. Either breast feeding in public is normal or it's indecent.

Maybe she wore a shirt that was difficult to adjust, or maybe her kid (like mine) liked to switch back and forth every two minutes.
Unfortunately we live in a society where they have made it sexual so regardless of what we educated women here believe we still live in a world with sex crazy maniacs. I'm less concerned though with offending people than with perverts. It would probably start a problem if a man decided that we wanted to dine without his shirt on at a public eatery. Especially if he had boobies lol. I've accidentally flashed people many times in the last few months but I don't care because it didn't mean anything. I just don't like people who stare.
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