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Re: Help me find a good family dog.

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
Our BEST and healthiest dogs have always been mixed breeds The shelters have a lot to choose from and many try to socialize them before they are adopted out. If you aren't stuck on a purebred its worth visiting a few shelters and seeing what's available.
Our first dog was from a rescue and he was the best and most loving dog ever. Unfortunately we had to put him down about 2 years ago due to liver failure- we still miss him so much!

We also have a purebred min pin and though we love him, he is not anything like our other dog (they did not really mesh well). Don't get me wrong, he is really good with our kids and is extremely patient with them (not with anyone else) but I would never pay as much as we did for him ($900- my husband bought him because I wanted a little dog and min pins looked the most manly; I had just had a miscarriage and he was trying to make me feel better).

If I were you I would go and "meet" dogs to find one that you like.

A little more babbling here: When my husband and I moved in together we wanted a cat. He went to an animal shelter and they showed him a cat and said that she was going to be the next one euthanized- she was gray and had no tail. My husband felt so bad for her and decided to bring her home. She was the best cat ever (we got her before our beloved rescue dog- they got along great). She did no like the min pin my husband bought and one day she got out of the house and just never came back. We never found her but to this day I have a feeling that she left because she hated the new dog and that she found a new home- she was a street cat before we got her so she was a tough little kitty.

Rescuing an unwanted animal is the most rewarding thing you can do, as long as you find one that will fit in with your family.
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