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Re: Sleeping through the night?

my DD wouldn't sleep at night at all until 8 weeks... then magically she would go longer and longer and she was sleeping 6 hour stretches within 3 months consistently. (in her own room) She's not much of a napper- always fought the nap. (I should add that by 6 months, she was a 10 hour sleeper at night-- it really meant something if she woke during the night)

DS, on the other hand, didn't even *think* of sleeping more than 3 hours ever without feeding until maybe 14 months. (in our room) Dude can't go without his scheduled nap.

I've never used formula. And all the babies I know/have known have been their own little people with their sleeping and eating patterns.

I think your story sounds normal. and tiring hang in there-- I never figured out how to night wean, but wanted to.
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