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Originally Posted by newmommy13

Btw I do not get only shipping to the continental us. Seriously what is the difference? Maybe that should be pointed out to the mamas who write that. Maybe they don't know its the same?
Exactly. I live in Alaska and I hate it when people say they don't ship to Alaska. Um why? We aren't a foreign country and if we are paying for shipping what is the difference? First class is same throughout the us. Parcel can be expensive depending on where you are and sometimes are better off with priority.

But to the Canadian moms, I'm sorry I do discriminate to Canadian buyers. It's such a hassle to go to the PO and all the 50+ year old workers who take their sweet old time when there is 20 people in line, and add a in a screaming baby. I did this once to get a quote for Canadian buyer and she backed out on me afterwards. Was not worth it and I don't have the time nor patience to stand in our awful PO lines and deal with the rude workers.
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