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Re: Very new to this-more harm than good?

I was told that early potty training can be detrimental when I first started EC as well. I just simply replied that I'm not potty training my LO -- she's potty training me!

We EC part-time and it has worked out very well. LO sits on the potty between most transitions during the day (ie. after nursing, eating, before we go outside and after we return indoors). Sometimes we catch every pee, sometimes she has some in between sitting on the potty.

I think the idea that starting potty training too early is bad comes from thinking that potty training is something forced upon the child. If you're relaxed about EC, keep the whole idea of sitting on a potty fun, and remind yourself that sitting on the potty is just an invitation to pee rather than a demand (and you are going to have to remind yourself during a day full of misses -- it's easy to get flustered on those days!!) then there's nothing for the child to rebel against or get frustrated with.
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