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Re: Sleeping through the night?

Every baby is different and has nothing to do with FF'ing v. BF'ing.

I have 6 kids. All 5 of my olders was sleeping through by 12wks at the latest and 4 of them were preemies (35 and 36wks, 2 sets of twins). And, I consider sleeping through to be 8 hrs even though some consider it only 6. Now, My 7wk old is giving me 6 hr stretches some nights. All of my 6 have been BF'd. My preemies (all twins) got a very small amount of formula early on due to latch issues causing low supply with my first set and the other set because of the NICU. But, as I said, it was very little, only a few bottles and "fortified" BM in the NICU, and none after 11 days for the second set and none after 6wks for the first set.

So, IME, sleeping through the night or not sleeping through doesn't have anything to do with formula or breast.
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