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Help me find the perfect mail organizer!

Over the years I have bought various mail organizers, none of which have kept paper clutter under control. Mail tends to sit on a kitchen counter next to my stove (yeah, I don't really think that's safe!)
We don't have an actual office, but we do have a cabinet in our dining room for our desk and laptop. There are doors that close to conceal the paper mess inside there.
I finally have decided that I would like to hang a mail organizer on the inside of the cabinet doors. That way I can have an easy place to put mail that will also be out of sight! I just don't want this mail organizer to be a failure like the others have been.
I found this organizer that is designed for use in classrooms, but I think it may work for me. However, it is not attractive at all. It is bright red, and a plastic or vinyl material:
I am just wondering if anyone has seen something similar to this in a more attractive style, or if you can suggest something else that may work even better??
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