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Re: Might Have to Use Formula Soon =\

Don't give up just yet... my supply was getting crazy low when pumping and the fantastic mommas on here gave me several things to try and I've already gone from only pumping around 6 oz a day while at work to yesterday I got 9 oz - and that was just making a few changes since MONDAY!

Some of the ideas they gave that have worked are:
• up water intake - I now drink a bottle/glass of of water at every key point during the day - every time I pump/feed my little guy, every meal, as soon as I brush my teeth, as I crawl into bed, etc
• I keep his pjs from the night before in my pump bag
• listen to relaxing music while I pump
• looking at picture(s) of my little guy while pumping

maybe some of these things will help you too!

but - to answer your question - when my little guy does get formula (since I've not been keeping up with demands) he gets the same amount of formula as he does BM
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