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Re: LOW milk supply.

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
Get to an IBCLC for good advice. Here's the IBCLC directory:

Get a pre- and post feeding weight taken to see how much she takes in in an average nursing session. To do this, start her with a clean diaper, nurse, weigh with the same diaper, whether dirty or wet.

Have your DD evaluated for a tongue or lip tie. Have the IBCLC examine you for signs of insufficient glandular tissue or hypoplastic breasts. Could you have retained placenta? Have you ever had signs of PCOS?

Are you supplementing with an SNS at the breast?
We don't have a scale here at the house. I was going to ask WIC if I could just come by and weigh her to see how much she's gained in the past two weeks. She hasn't been evaluated for those. She has a pretty damn good latch. It's not painful, I can hear her swallowing, etc. I don't think it's a latch issue, but I will bring that up to her pediatrician. Thank you for the link! I have had signs of PCOS, no periods while I'm not pregnant, larger ovarian cysts than normal, etc. I also have thyroid disease, if that's related. I haven't tried a SNS, but I've really been looking in to it. But I'm just worried that, by using it every feeding, it'll be more inconvenient and not worth the trouble.
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