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Re: Medela Tubing

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b View Post
That black is mold. Ditch those tubes ASAP. If you call Medela they might send you new ones for free otherwise you can order them online. If you don't have an extra pair and have to continue pumping I'd either 1) call a local hospital and see if they sell tubing or 2) pump and dump until you can get new tubing.

Anytime you have milk get into the tubing you have to clean them. I had that problem, I noticed it happened if I leaned too far forward while pumping. I ran water through the tubes, then some Palmolive then rinsed with hot water. After that I sterilized with the Medela Quick Clean Bags. They also say you can run rubbing alcohol through the tubes to get them to dry faster.

After every pumping session, or when you notice condensation in the tubes, run thepump for at least 10 minutes to dry them out. That will help prevent mold as well.

Good luck mama!
Exactly this. I also run the pump to make sure the tubing is dry after each session. The conector pieces are not always dry between sessions.
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