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Wool Longies NB - large girl/GN/boy - MORE ADDED 12/12

I will be adding soakers & more sz large longies tonight!!

All measurement are measured when laying flat & UNSTRETCHED. Prices are with shipping included in the US. I will ship anywhere just PM for the extra shipping.

Newborn longies. These come from a part felted sweater. They still have stretch, are a little thicker & Great for cold winter or nighttime. They are a light heathered greenish-grey. I havent used or washed these so they will need a wash/lano $18ppd

Cream sz small upcycled longies - sorry for the bad pic. this has a tiny spot on the bottom were the ribbing is. its faint & I almost missed it. I havent used or washed these so they will need a wash/lano $18ppd

NB shorties set NEW these are cute but to small by the time I got them. $25ppd

Blue warrior longies & hat. These are so soft! I love this colorway!! These were a little big at first but we wore them at a few days old. DS came home in the hat! this shirt is a 3-6 Its a charcoal grey. THIS ALSO COMES WITH A WHITE 0-3 Short sleeve shirt. NO stains!! very easy to dye if you want with a packet of dye from the craft store. $40ppd

W 7"
R 6.5"
I 6.5 not including the Gusset

Neopolitan by Burgh Baby Gear - I got these for my DD & she only tried them on a few times. This comes with a LS lap tee with a fabric piece sewn on but it had a stain so I'm just tossing it in. I'm horrible with stains so I didn't even try.
I believe these are BFL but I'm not positive. they are washed, lanolin & ready to go $55ppd

W 10" this can stretch a lot or be cinched up with the drawstring.
R 9"
I this has a nice big gusset so it makes it fit longer but its 9" or 10.5 including half of the gusset

Girls ruffle longies - these have a pocket on the back & a flower on the front. These are washed, lanolin & ready to use. $25PPD

W - 8.5 these are un stretched & will stretch a lot.
R - 8"
I - 13" not including the gusset

New Large girls knit longie or capris - these are hand knit, I loved these but they were to big for DD so she never used them. These have a duplicate stitched skull on the back, its not the best but it could easily be taken off with no damage to the longies & I'd do it for you if you want it off. $25ppd


Small longies newly up cycled - 100% lambs wool We never used these. It only has 1 pink stripe on each leg but it was enough I didn't put them on my son. $18ppd

W 7.5"
I 9.5 but would be cute cuffed if needed
R 7.5

Upcycled knit londies sz large these will be to big for DS this year & I dont want to save them. The legs are the same length its just the way they are laying. $18 PPD
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