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Re: LOW milk supply.

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. I have to be on meds to successfully nurse and keep my supply up. I take Metformin for my PCOS, luvothyroxine for my thyroid, and Reglan for my milk. I use reglan vs domperidone as I cannot afford dom and my insurance pays for reglan.
I'm treated for hypothyroidism, too, and also take levothyroxine. I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS. I mentioned it to my OB and he blew me off. No wonder I don't see him anymore. (: I don't have any weird hair patterns. I've dealt with depression, I have irregular periods (or did, before pregnancy), larger cysts on my ovaries, and I'm overweight... IDK. Anyway, I was thinking about asking my doc/OB for Reglan, but I figured they'd have to test me for something before they prescribed me something. Isn't breastmilk supply boost just a side effect of Reglan?
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