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Re: if you delay selective vax, I have a few ?s

I've never heard of having to "prove" a Religous Expemption, from what I understand it's against the law for them to ask what religion you are.

you might wanna check into it.

DH was in the military when Miranda was born. However, I didn't have a Doctor on Base (the base closest to us didn't cover anything really. I mean you had to be refered out for a freaking xray. lol) anyway, I've heard some things.. I think it's just like anywhere else where you take the chance. Everyone thinks that the military doctors will be alot more rough about it, but I've heard that they aren't allowed to Lecture/try to force you to do it, but then i've heard of some that do that anyway. You'll have to take the chance I guess. Say no and see what happens. Remember, You can always Leave. You don't have to stand there and listen. Do what you think is right and don't let someone tell you differently, Even if it is a doctor. I've had a Array of doctors for miranda.. the first one.. Well, the first one I turned into the medical board for the way he reacted.. THe second one was fine, then dave got out of the military and we said goodbye to tricare so i had to switch doctors once again.. and we brought miranda in for something at 8 months old and the doctor was kinda pushing the vax thing but i just ignored her..

for about 2 years.. Didn't bring miranda back in until april of this year.. lol
Then everything was fine with the no vax thing.. Just different everytime we go in. lol

Good luck hope everything goes over okay for you. don't forget to update!
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