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Re: Handwashing diapers.

You've had lots of suggestions, but I'll second the boiling. After my lo turned 1 yr, I battled ammonia big time. Did all kinds of things trying to get rid of it, including bleach (didn't help my hemp or microfiber). Boiling was my friend!! I've even brought a pot of water to a boil, turned it off, then added an aio. Let it soak for 10 min, then pull it out. They were unusable as they were, so I figured I didn't have anything to lose by trying it. Nothing was ruined. Once I found a detergent and washing routine that worked for me and started rinsing (every dipe), things got much better. I think I only boiled about 3xs in 2yrs. HTHs!! Also, as someone else said, you can stuff you pockets with ANY absorbent (preferably cotton) material, including old sheets or towels!
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