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Re: HSing Check-In Nov. 25--Dec. 7

Originally Posted by luvof3boyz View Post
I was sitting doing math with my guy and I could not stop thinking about your daughter. I hate hearing of teenagers hurting so much and struggling with life. It is just the toughest part of life. Trying to fit in with peers. It seems extra hard with your daughter's anxiety. I tell young girls I mentor to just hold on tight through these years. Just get through them as unsathed as possible.
Does she have someone to talk to? Besides a counselor? Someone who really knows and loves her? A grandma, an older neighbor? Does she talk with you? Are you a safe place for her? Do you have someone to talk with? Is your husband supportive? Can you lean on him during this time? How is your home life? Do you do things together as a family? Do you have fun and laugh together?
I have zero advice to give you. Maybe other mamas can. My oldest is eight so I have not walked the difficult road of having teenagers.
I hope this doesn't offend you...but I am praying for you and your family. Feel free to eye roll. My husband is an atheist and I was one 5 years ago. So I know the prayer thing won't go far. But that is all I can give you. mama.
Okay you are way too sweet and kind to keep thinking of my daughter! I can't ever be offended by prayers, either! Thank you for thinking of us.

As far as her having someone to talk to, I am very, very, very open and frank with her. I never felt like I could talk to my parents about things and I vowed to be the opposite. The problem is, she is an extremely reserved person so I can be as open as I want, but she doesn't respond. Not just to me; to anyone. She is pretty close to my sister and I have told her time and time again she can reach out to her at any time, but she doesn't. She is close to her dad, but still, just a reserved person. All "grown up" talks we have ever had have been initiated by me with no questions, anything from her. I always end with a "please come to me if you think of anything" but she never does, and I always bring it back up into conversation even months down the road just to reiterate things.

We do have a great family life. She loves her 3 siblings dearly, especially the youngest (who is a 6 year old boy.) She has acted like his mother from the time he was born and before he started school, she used to "steal" him out of his bed at night to sleep with him. My oldest and I actually go away for mini-girls weekends together about 3-4 times a year as well. I feel like we have the best relationship that her personality allows us to have. She is a really, really good kid. No teenage drama, etc. At times, she will have just a hint of that teenage attitude in her voice and inside I'm rejoicing because it's a "normal" response. But I think the reason she is that way is so she doesn't draw attention to herself.
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