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Re: Anyone have gallstones during pregnancy?

Aww mama I know what you are going thru!!!!! I developed gallstones during my pregnancy as well (along with every other woman in my family!) Mine did not start until my third tri and I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die! I had three really bad attacks in my last month where I was lying on the ground writhing in pain with a very big baby belly. The night before I went into labor I ended up in the e.r and was then transported to L&D for observation bc I was having projectile vomit of bile due to the gallstones (so not fun!) I've also had several attacks since dd has been born but the thing with me that I noticed triggered them is acid food like pasta sauce or pizza sauce. Can you pinpoint anything in particular that makes the react???? I'm delaying having mine out mostly bc I am a big baby but also bc I am bf and co-sleeping so I can't be getting kicked in the area where they remove my gallbladder.
Just try to eat a bland diet, I know easier said then done with preggo cravings right? lol And drink lots of water! GL
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