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Re: Handwashing diapers.

I would not do wet pail, especially if you have any fleece type or pull type product, it just really saturates the product then and even harder to get the stink out. That is what ended my first cloth diapering attempt when my 1st children were really young. Your diapers would be soaking in pee water.

Dry pail has been best and I have been cloth diapering with no break now for 8 years and often 2 to 3 children in diapers and more at night. Also it is important that you pail be breathable, and that will help with amonia too. We use a walmart oval fip top garbabge can with a pull liner inside. There is a tiny air flow all around the lid top. Super help, I use to have a zipper closed thick pull type wet bag and it was terrible for smell.

And yes, if hand washing flats are great. And I really think quality flats as they also absorb lots of pee. So great for heavier wetters. I could not stay with my walmart birdeye towels as they just were not thick enough.
But quality unbleached flats are great, wash great and dry very quick.

And the breathable mobile washer really is not exspensive. And gives you that exta muscle you need.

I still stay away from from fleece as we always had trouble with smell and fleece.
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