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Home-made detergent long term issues

I have used the common homemade detergent (borax, washing soda, oxy clean mixture) for about 6 - 7 months in my front loader. I have not been real pleased with the results. I think it has ruined my covers and worn my prefolds.

Here is my wash routine:
Cold prewash, hot long wash with 2 tablespoons detergent, 1 rinse with 1/4 cup vineger, extra rinse. Then another short cycle hot wash with no detergent.

My prefolds are very worn with tons of holes. The ones I have left are about 2 years old but they should age better than that.

About a year ago I ditched my pockets and went with prefolds and covers.
All my Flip and Econobum (about 20 covers between 2 kids) covers are leaking like crazy, seemingly all at once. I think it is due to the elastic being stretched by the look of them. It doesn't look like there are cracks in the pul. My Flip covers are about a year old. Should the covers last longer?

My question is... is the detergent and vinegar rinse damaging my diapers in the long run? Or is this ordinary wear and tear.

I have switched to Ultra Tide original for the time being as I have not read any bad reviews using Tide on diapers, but what about covers. Is Tide going to build up on the covers?

They were washed a lot and I have 2 in diapers right now. I think they should last longer than a year.

I am back to my prowrap covers for now. I ordered all new covers on the Black Friday Sales but I definitely don't want to ruin another batch by this detergent. This time I got Bummis SSW, and Thristies sized covers.

thanks in advance

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