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Re: HSing Check-In Nov. 25--Dec. 7

Psychomom--I'm so sorry for all that you're going through. That sounds rough. I know that your heart must ache for your DD. I wish there was some little nugget of wisdom I could offer you, but I have none. I will listen though if you need someone.

AFU--We did a full day of school this morning which was probably a mistake on my part because I was feeling impatient with the kids. We made it through though and this afternoon we are doing some life skills, making butter, mulching the garden area, hauling/stacking wood, ect. It's so beautiful out today I'd hate to miss the oppurtunity to get some work done outdoors. Plus spending all the excess energy doing constructive things outside means they won't have the energy to run around like crazy when they do come in and hopefully they'll sleep well.
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