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Night weaning us simply that. You decide what hours you will nurse and donMt nurse in between.

if you start this method go thru with it as the child quickly learns that you are not going to actually refuse the breast that it only take 3-4hrs of crying. Or whatever.

My husband does the parenting at night while we night wean. He sleeps with child. Rocks him. Offers water or just sings. Does lo cry? Yes. But I never ever 'rescue'. First I think it's absurd to rescue my husbands child from him and once I decide to night wean, I have really thought it thru. It's not s rash choice and we plan it.

It usually take 1-3 nights of persistent and consistent care. We have done it both times on a holiday weekend. And both times were easier than we thought, actually. And.. They slept thru the night following and have, ever since.

It's a completely personal choice in parenting. But I think it's like most things- stick to the plan. The moment you falter/ the moment you just regressed the whole situation tenfold.
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