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Originally Posted by Kiliki
A medical degree does not make a person an expert, it just means they went to school and paid a whole lot of money (and spent a whole lot of time, and worked really hard) for a nice piece of paper to say they are qualified to practice medicine. They don't have to practice evidence-based medicine, or have a good bedside manner, or even have to be good at what they do.

So while I love the fact that she is so smart and is well-educated, it doesn't mean she is right about everything she thinks, despite how passionate she obviously is about it. The fact that she is an OB explains a whole lot about her anger towards NCB, and is a great example of why I won't let an OB touch me unless it is a TRUE medical emergency. It only solidifies my feelings about America's mainstream maternity care.
Yup. I have read SEVERAL things by "doctor" Amy, including a comment of hers that "breastfeeding CAUSES violence". Direct quote. I can post the link if you like. She seems to be a very hateful, bitter individual who is diametrically opposed to any natural, including natural birth and natural parenting methods, for whatever reason. She condemns entire schools of thought (like home birth) without solid reason. I wouldn't trust anything she says/writes.
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