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Re: HSing Check-In Nov. 25--Dec. 7

Been reading along, but haven't had the chance to log in to post.

Psychomom~I have no advice to offer but I can offer a prayer for you and your daughter. I can't sympathize with the teen as I do no have one yet, although I do feel as though I've experienced some of your turmoil. My oldest son is the same way...left to his own devices he will take to get even the simplest of (school)tasks done. I am forever reminding him that fourth graders should not have to be reminded about x,y,z...the latest being to capitalize the first word in sentences. I mean really...we covered that in what, first grade I believe.

I had asked before for the recap of ages/grades only because it had seemed like a lot of the discussion revolved around K and 1st. It doesn't seem to be going that way as much now.

We've actually managed to have a pretty good week for the most part. Somehow it seems a bunch of tests (different subjects) have hit all at the same time for my oldest, but he's getting through it OK. He will start another chapter book on Monday. This time daddy will be working with him on that. I need a break from it LOL.
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